District Projects


Please see below for the approved projects and tree replacements for 2020. There will be over 80 trees throughout the Community replaced. Any trees that are removed in 2020 will be marked for replacement in 2021. The approved projects for 2020 include renovating the landscaping at the monuments on Tallyn’s Reach Parkway and Smoky Hill Road, Smoky Hill Road and Arapahoe Road, Arapahoe Road and Tallyn’s Reach Parkway and Aurora Parkway and Irish Drive.

Additionally, the Tallyn’s Reach Authority Board is working with the City of Aurora Water Department and has approved an Irrigation System Renovation Project. This project will include a decrease in water usage and a more efficient use of the water that is needed. Additionally, the smart irrigation system allows the irrigation techs to monitor water use at each head, therefore notifying of any abnormal water usage.

Please review the below documents for detailed locations for tree replacements, annual flower beds, 2020 projects and more! As always, if you have any questions, please contact Management.

2020 Landscaping Project Map

2020 Tallyn's Reach Authority Tree Map

2018 Tallyn's Reach Tree Map

Tallyn's Reach Authority Annual Flowers Location

Annual Mulch Replacement Map


We understand that Tallyn’s Reach is a large community and there is still work to be done for us to reach our full potential. We are fully committed to the up-keeping and upgrading of the grounds at Tallyn’s Reach to make the most of our community and display our true beauty and value. We look forward to supporting the needs of the community and its residents as it pertains to the aesthetic of their homes and property. In an effort to best serve you, we ask that you forward any common area concerns to Celeste Terrell (celeste.terrell@claconnect.com) or call our office 303-779-5710.