The Tallyn’s Reach Metropolitan Authority operates and maintains the Tallyn’s Reach community including both District 2 and District 3.


Authority funds are made up of a combination of fees and taxes. Here’s the breakdown of how much we receive from each area:

Revenue Infographic
Mill Levy for Debt Service
Taxes paid by the Districts for the annual debt service requirements.
Other Revenue for Debt Service
Revenue received from city, county, or state sources, such as DMV
Quarterly fees include general operations fees, transfer fees, development fees and apartment assessments
District 2 Taxes
General Fund taxes paid by District 2 Homeowners and Sanctuary Apartments**
District 3 Taxes
General Fund taxes paid by District 3 Homeowners and Goddard School**
Various other revenues including pool keys and clubhouse rentals
** Only taxes can be used to pay for Administrative expenses, fees and other revenues cannot be used.


We use these funds to provide important services for the Tallyn’s Reach community. Here’s the breakdown of how we spend every dollar:

Expenses Infographic
Debt Payments
Payments made toward original development debt
Professional services, such as accounting, Authority management, and legal support
Property management, operational legal support, and engineering
Landscaping, snow removal, seasonal decor, beautifi cation projects
Pool, clubhouse and tennis courts maintenance, events
Water, sewer, gas and electric services
Capital Improvements
Investment in capital, such as maintenance and improving infrastructure