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Please see below for the approved projects and tree replacements for 2020. There will be over 80 trees throughout the Community replaced. Any trees that are removed in 2020 will be marked for replacement in 2021. The approved projects for 2020 include renovating the landscaping at the monuments on Tallyn’s Reach Parkway and Smoky Hill Road, Smoky Hill Road and Arapahoe Road, Arapahoe Road and Tallyn’s Reach Parkway and Aurora Parkway and Irish Drive.

Additionally, the Tallyn’s Reach Authority Board is working with the City of Aurora Water Department and has approved an Irrigation System Renovation Project. This project will include a decrease in water usage and a more efficient use of the water that is needed. Additionally, the smart irrigation system allows the irrigation techs to monitor water use at each head, therefore notifying of any abnormal water usage.

Please review the below documents for detailed locations for tree replacements, annual flower beds, 2020 projects and more! As always, if you have any questions, please contact Management.

2020 Landscaping Project Map

2020 Tallyn's Reach Authority Tree Map

2018 Tallyn's Reach Tree Map

Tallyn's Reach Authority Annual Flowers Location

Annual Mulch Replacement Map

In 2018 the Tallyn’s Reach Authority (formerly the Tallyn’s Reach Metro District) completed a dozen improvement and renovation projects throughout the community. Over 60 new trees were planted to replace trees that had previously been removed. The Authority/ District spent approximately $130,000 in 2018 on landscaping improvement and renovation projects. Landscape enhancements included mulch replacement, installing a breeze walkway to provide better walkability for residents, renovation of landscaping on corners and medians along Tallyn’s Reach Parkway and Plymouth Drive, annual flowers, irrigation controls to higher efficiency controllers, and more.

Last year the District evaluated the trees that had been removed throughout 2018 and were not able to be replaced. We have 82 trees scheduled to be planted in 2019 to replace trees that have died and been removed. A map of the trees to be placed throughout the community can be found below. Additionally, there is approximately $80,000 budgeted for 2019 landscape renovation plans include enhancements and beautification to the community pool, Buchanan Court, Hinsdale Way as well as native reseeding. The Buchanan Court projects include renovation of the landscaping around the mailbox, including installation of a Please remember the native landscaping will not be mowed more than twice a year as there are currently erosion concern and lack of self-seeding due to the high frequency of mowing in the past. If you have concerns regarding any native areas you feel are overgrown or need addition, please contact District Management.

2018 vs 2019 Landscape Improvements
Annual Mulch Replacement Map


The District Board has approved improvements to the baby pool section of the pool are. The deck will be expanded by removing the section of sod and replacing it with concrete with a shade installed overhead, baby pool will be expanded and re-plastered, and water features for the baby pool and splash pad will be replaced and enhanced. Additionally, a water fountain will be installed at the pool by the restrooms and the sod to the north of the pool entrance will be removed, as it is unhealthy and thin, and will be replaced with cobble. We are very excited to see the transformation and to provide new options for residents.