District Projects

2023 Updates

We are excited to share with you some of the projects that were completed in 2023 to enhance our community.

  • New Monuments at S. Aurora Parkway and Plymouth and at Aurora Parkway and Briarwood: These monuments serve as a beautiful and welcoming addition to our neighborhood, and we hope they will be enjoyed by all.
  • Tree Replacements: As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the beauty of our community, we replaced over 100 trees throughout Tallyn’s Reach in 2023.
  • New and Refreshed Trails: We have also made improvements to our community trails, including the addition of new trails and the refreshing of existing ones. These trails provide a great opportunity for residents to enjoy the outdoors and stay active.
  • Newly Designed Medians along Tallyn’s Reach Parkway and Aurora Parkway: These medians not only add to the beauty of our neighborhood, but also serve an important safety function by helping to slow down traffic.
  • Landscaping Improvements: New landscaping was installed in the S. Buchanan cul-de-sac, and landscaping was refreshed in the beds on Plymouth and Ontario, Glasgow and Geddes, as well as on Fultondale and Ottawa.
  • Replacing Metal Sign Posts with Wooden Posts: This was part of our multi-year project to replace the metal sign poles with wooden posts throughout Tallyn’s Reach. This project also includes staining the posts, adding in post protectors, straightening any leaning posts, and consolidating signs in City approved areas.
  • New Pool Furniture: Finally, we are excited to announce the addition of new pool furniture at our community pool. These new pieces provide a comfortable and stylish place for residents to relax and enjoy the pool area.

We hope that these projects will enhance your experience living in Tallyn’s Reach. We are committed to continuing to make improvements and enhancements to our neighborhood, and we appreciate your support and feedback.


Prior Updates


Download the letter to homeowners about the Turf to Native Grasses Project.


We understand that Tallyn’s Reach is a large community and there is still work to be done for us to reach our full potential. We are fully committed to the up-keeping and upgrading of the grounds at Tallyn’s Reach to make the most of our community and display our true beauty and value. We look forward to supporting the needs of the community and its residents as it pertains to the aesthetic of their homes and property. In an effort to best serve you, we ask that you forward any common area concerns to Celeste Terrell (celeste.terrell@claconnect.com) or call our office 303-779-5710.