Tallyn’s Reach Metro Authority & Districts
Key Accomplishments

The board and staff of the collective Tallyn’s Reach Metropolitan Authority and Districts 2 and 3 work consistently to manage our community responsibly and ensure our neighborhood stays the special place we all love. Our board of elected residents is managing and updating infrastructure. Here are some highlights of district achievements over the past two years:

Reduce Debt

District No. 2

  • Debt completely paid off at end of 2022, 1 year earlier than projected
  • Reduced mill levy from 54.5 mills to 33 mills between 2021 to 2022
  • Homeowners saved approximately $18k on long-term interest

District No. 3

  • Refinanced debt in 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Reduced mill levy from 54.5 mills to 44 mills between 2021 and 2022
  • Homeowners will save approximately $839k from the 2021 refinancing

Landscape and Open Space Improvements

  • Ongoing maintenance of our treasured landscape
  • Beautification projects happening across the district
  • Implementing the quadrant beautification plan

Saving Water & Dollars

  • Replaced irrigation control boxes with a rebate from Aurora Water
  • Installed native grass at two test sites
  • Saved 25 million gallons in water annually

Tree Care

  • Our 5,000+ trees including signature ponderosas are a key community asset
  • In 2021, we invested $100,000 in tree replenishment across the community to keep our tree canopy healthy and beautiful

Mapping Assets

  • New District mapping has clearly identified all district assets
  • Reduced ambiguity and clarified organizational/entity responsibilities
  • Provided a more complete picture of future community needs
  • Posted interactive map on website for public use and transparency

New Signage

  • Two new monuments installed in 2022
  • Refreshed and replaced 50+ signs and sign posts in 2022
  • Additional monument signage upgrades in progress

Street Maintenance

  • Repaved three district-owned streets in 2021
  • Developed plan for ongoing maintenance of districts 25 streets


  • Added shade structures at pool
  • Improved splash pad
  • Improved security at pool and clubhouse with cameras and floodlights